Wyrmtongue (Mystical)

Factor Limit: 9
Range: Speech or Telepathy
Area: 1 creature
Renounce: Target
Opposed: Faith (Resolve)

This power enables the creature to tempt a mortal to indulge in a particular type of sin (see the Vice listings for the sorts of temptations offered). This is done with a standard Charm roll, adding a number of dice equal to the power’s Factor, and opposed by a Faith (Resolve) roll on the part of the target. Some suitable opportunity to indulge the vice must be relatively close by, of course, but even knowing where an opportunity exists may suffice with sufficient effort on the part of the power-user. This power can be purchased for as many different Vices as the GM wishes—each is bought up separately, and may even have different Factors.

If the Charm roll gets at least one net success, the target finds themselves compelled to indulge the sin—extra successes determine just how much effort they are willing to take to do so. (For instance, with one success, a man lured to gluttony might eat everything at the table in front of him; with five successes, the same man might be willing to kill to get more food.)

Normally, characters are considered to Dislike the Imp for purposes of this check; however, if the power happens to match that particular character’s Vice, then the character is considered Responsive. Finally, if the character’s Virtue can be said to directly oppose the suggestion, they are considered Malicious towards the Imp (in rare cases wherein the target's Virtue and Vice are opposed to one another, such as a Chaste/Lust combination, the two balance out, and the character is considered to merely Dislike the Imp again).

Note that this power ignores the usual restriction against using Interaction rolls against PCs, as the temptation is Infernally powered.


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