Factor Limit: 3
Range: Self
Area: Self
Renounce? No
Opposed: No

Some servants of the Adversary work not through force of arms, but by subtlety of tongue. These tempters and tricksters are confounded, though, by the underappreciated gift of Babel—the many languages of man. This power attempts to overcome that gift, by enabling the creature to speak to any mortal foolish enough to listen.

At one rank, this power allows the speaker to communicate in any language that shares the family of any language that it actually knows. (For instance, a French creature could speak Italian, despite never having learned the latter.) In addition, any language it has actual ranks in is spoken as a native.

At two ranks, the creature can speak any language, and if it has at least one rank in a language in the same family, it seems to speak as a native without any effort.

At three ranks, not only can it speak any language as if it were a native, but it can also manifest the powerful ability to have its voice heard by all listeners as if it were speaking their respective native tongues.

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