Telekinetic Storm (Offensive)

Factor Limit: 5
Range: 100 yards
Area: 10 yard radius
Renounce? Target (see below)
Opposed: No

Most notably possessed by poltergeists, this power is often also bestowed upon Diabolists and Witches as part of their infernal pacts. (Add this power to the Eligible Powers list for both Diabolists and Witches.) Upon invocation of this power, an invisible force begins moving small objects, dust and debris about the area of effect at high speeds. Larger objects start to shift and bang about, as well. This causes one hit per Power Factor to each creature in the area of effect other than the creature that summoned the Fury; these may be cancelled out by spending one Defense Point per hit. The Telekinetic storm lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Factor Limit; damage is taken each round it goes on. Fragile objects (vases, mirrors, windows) in the area of effect will usually shatter fairly quickly; often the shards are then pulled into the storm (see below).

Environmental conditions may increase or decrease the damage by one point, at the GM’s discretion. For instance, in a room that has been completely cleared of loose objects, the damage might be reduced by a point due to the lack of materials. Likewise, in a room full of weapons or broken glass, it is perfectly reasonable to increase the damage by one hit per round.

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