Slow Powers (Mystical or Offensive)

This Price may be chosen for a creature's Offensive Powers or Mystical Powers, or even both. The creature’s powers of the associated variety do not come into play at full strength; they must concentrate and exert continued effort to get the maximum effect out. The first time the power is used, it only has a Power Factor of 1. Thereafter, each time it is used in the course of a Scene, the power’s Factor increases by 1, until it reaches full potency. The effects of this price can and should be modified to make sense. For instance, some powers (Lend Power, Immortality, Invulnerability) aren’t affected by this power at all. Others, such as Nightmares, may make sense to increase once per time they are used in an entire story, rather than in individual scenes (since the Nightmare power is only used once a night, anyway).

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