Sin Imp (Diabolical)

Sin Imps are minor devils, typically summoned to lead the weak-willed into temptation. They were bred in a dark corner of the Pit where the sins of the damned are drawn out of their souls, so as to become sin made physical. Each is thus the embodiment of a single Vice. Their small humanoid figures have diminutive wings that do not let them achieve actual flight, but which do allow them to leap great distances. They usually never appear visibly, prefering to be simply a voice that cajoles and draws out the Vice which gave them birth.

There is really only one "strain" of sin imp, but they can be further categorized by their associated Vice. All sin imps are small (around 2-3' tall) and look like tiny devils (many even have horns, claws or a barbed tail, as well as their non-functional wings). The distinction shows in their faces; a sin imp's face is a caricature of a human face, displaying the sin to which it is attached. For instance, a Lust Imp has a leering face with an obscenely suggestive tongue, while a Blood-thirst Imp will have an expression of unbridled battle-frenzy, and even be spattered with dried blood. Their faces are frozen in these grotesque forms, so it often looks like they are wearing a mask—when they speak, their mouths remain immobile, though their voice is unhindered. If a Hunter is able to pierce their natural invisibility, the expression can quickly inform him or her what the imp's 'specialty' is.

Initial Cost: 65

Fundamental Powers:
All sin imps have Wyrmtongue 3 (See New Powers) and Invisibility 1
All sin imps begin with the Incredible Leaper (Heroic) and Small Body (Basic) Talents

Fundamental Prices:
Atmospheric Disturbance (smell of sulphur, vinegar or similar aroma)
Damage (Holy Eucharist)

Additional Powers & Prices
Movement Powers Movement Prices
Elusive Restriction (Holy Ground)
Jumping Paralyzation (Presented Holy Symbol)
Mystical Powers Mystical Prices
Mind Read Ward (Holy Symbols)
Telepathy Ward (Opposing Virtue)*
* Many Sin Imps are discomfitted by encountering the thoughts of those who possess a Virtue which is opposed to their Vice (such as a Lust Imp reading the mind of a Chaste woman)


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