Seamus O Malley

Player: Doug LaVigne

Origins: Éire

Religion: Irish Catholic

Character Description: Seamus is the great grandson of famed Sea Queen (and pirate) Grace O'Malley. Used to traveling by sea, he was conscripted by levy to the British Navy and served aboard ship for many years for the promise of freedom from later impressment. On an ill fated stop off the coast of western Africa Seamus was part of the landing party. Barely escaping with his life, he realized his connection to the invisible world. Now he travels wherever the visions call him using his skill in combat to aid his brethren in defeating the allies of the adversary or enemies of the Catholic Church… at least the parts of it he still trusts.

Catalyst/Background: (Sole Survivor/Soldier)

Sin: Pride
Virtue: Prudent

Quote: "Welcome aboard the flagship of the Irish Navy."

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