Put To Rest (Mystical)

In addition to the usual methods to destroying a creature, the creature has a specific means by which it may be forever put to rest. If this method is used, then it does NOT need to be subjected to the Judgment of Solomon to prevent it from returning to this world, nor can it use the Immortality power to come back to life. In the cases of some Accursed, this may actually cure their condition, rather than killing them. The means by which to put the creature to rest must be discovered through research, investigation and oftentimes through trial and error. Many creatures with this weakness will deliberately leave red herrings to confound Witch Hunters; even worse, some creatures of a type that might have this weakness often pretend to have it, so that they may trick Hunters into accomplishing some goal of theirs. This Price may NOT be taken by creatures with the Invulnerable Power, as that Power includes something similar already. (This Price may be added to the list of available Mystical Prices for all Ghosts; it may also be suitable for some types of Accursed, such as the Werewolf, in which case it may represent an actual cure for their condition. Accursed cured through this means retain one point of Damnation after they are restored, with no Powers; in such a case, they must try to clean the remaining taint from their souls via their Virtue, just like everyone else.)

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