Nightmares (Mystical)

Factor Limit: 5
Range: 1 mile
Area: 1 victim (must be sleeping)
Renounce? Target
Opposed: Courage

Possessed by various night-terrors, this power is also often given to Necromancers who have made the appropriate sacrifices (include this on the list of eligible Necromancer Powers). The victim suffers nocturnal terrors as they sleep, causing a blend of fear and fatigue that can prove surprisingly dangerous. The nature of these dreams is determined by the victim’s subconscious fears and doubts, and so unique to the victim in question. Targets must roll Faith (Courage) against a difficulty equal to the Power Factor. For every point they fail by, they suffer a -1d penalty to all skill rolls the next day from fatigue.

By voluntarily lowering the Power factor by one, the creature can craft a more specific image which is included in the dreams. Doing so means that if the subject fails the opposition roll, when confronted by the subject of their dreams during a day when they suffer the fatigue penalty, any Fear checks are increased by one in difficulty.

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