New Virtues & Vices/Sins



This is the virtue of the Good Samaritan, who steps out of his way to help those in need. While closely related to both Mercy and Charity, Compassion stems from the desire to prevent the suffering of others.


You live up to your obligations, no matter the inconvenience this might entail. While most Witch Hunters are mindful of their duties to their respective Orders, you are a paragon of service, and often undertake additional loyalties (to crown, country or clergy) as well.



The heartless man is unmoved by the plights of others; his jaded soul feels nothing when confronted by the suffering of his fellow man. This can often lead to the classic road to Hell labeled, "The ends justifies the means." Some say it was this trait that led to the downfall of the Gray Pilgrim himself.
Benefit: By hardening your heart, you can gain an automatic +1 success on any Resolve roll.


A form of Greed, but highly focused, this is the sin of scholars, gossips and small children. Some part of you simply doesn't believe that there are 'things Man was not meant to know'.
Benefit: You can gain an automatic +1 success on any Research or Gossip roll; thus, you cannot Botch the roll.


You sneer and mock the world around you, holding all with equal disdain. You invariably assume the worst about a situation or a person; as an upside, you can usually only be pleasantly surprised. You are distrustful as a matter of course.
Benefit: You may add your Personality to any Empathy roll.


You hold others to a standard you, yourself, don't even try to live up to. You can be shamelessly two-faced, extolling the benefits of chastity while on your way to a bordello.
Benefit: Whenever an ally taps their Vice, you may prevent it from providing the usual benefit (they still suffer the usual Damnation point gain). You may then use that Vice's benefit as if it were your own for the rest of the day (sleeping loses the benefit), gaining a Damnation point whenever you do. You may only have one 'borrowed' Vice at a time; changing to a different ally's Vice is another use of Hypocrisy.

  • Note: Hypocritcal is powerful, but also has the downside of actually gaining Damnation points faster than most other Vices, as well as irritating the heck out of your allies, both of which seem kind of fitting. It also becomes fairly worthless if you're travelling with a bunch of goody-two-shoes who never tap into their inner darkness.


Pretty much the opposite of Prudence; alongside other fools, you rush in where Angels fear to tread. Act first, think second is your apparent creed.
Benefit: Before rolling for Initiative, you may add your Personality to your Dice pool.


Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Where the slothful man might put off a task in order to see if anyone else will do it, you are more likely to simply get distracted from the business at hand by some pleasant diversion. You'll get back to it—eventually.
Benefit: You may add your Personality in dice to any roll outside of combat by taking twice as long as normal to perform the task.


Other people's business is your business. Privacy is an unknown concept to you, at least for other people. The best way to see people, of course, is when they can't see you—they reveal so much about themselves that way. Of course, sometimes you get so wrapped up in watching you fail to act as quickly as might be preferable. Note that this is not merely the sexual sort of voyeurism; you have a tendency to want to spy on people no matter what they are doing.
Benefit: You may add your Personality to your Dice Pool for Notice and Empathy rolls.


  • Callous, Curiosity, Cynical, Dutiful, Hypocritical, Impulsive, Procrastinator, Voyeur - created by Freemage; originally posted at the PCI WH forums.
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