Location Bound (Movement)

Creatures with this Price have a specific "territory" they are unable to leave. This can be fairly large—the house or mine they died in, for instance, is a common territory for Ghosts of all stripes. If the creature has a Movement Power such as Object Manifest or Apparition, and the target of that power is beyond their territory, they may only use this power to go directly to the appropriate object/person, and then are whisked back after a number of rounds equal to the Power Factor of the the Movement Power. Once they are whisked back, the creature will be unable to use the power to travel beyond their territory until the next sundown.

For Example: The Haunt of a young boy is Location Bound to the house he died in. However, his favorite toy, a wooden top, is the focus of his Object Manifest Power with a Power Factor of 4. If the top is in the house, he can use the power normally, without restriction. However, if the top is taken away, he can still travel to it and remain there for four rounds, before being jerked back to the house again. Once he is snapped back to his home, he cannot re-manifest by the top until after the next sundown.

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