Keziah Elizabeth Banks

Player: Paige

Origins: Williamsburg, Virginia Colony, a proper English colonial town

Religion: Anglican, but not overly religious

Character Description: Keziah is almost everything that a proper young Englishwoman should be, except she's too educated for her own good. She has formal medical training, and is quick to correct anyone that calls her "Miss Banks" that she is actually "Doctor Banks". Keziah's keen intellect grants her empathetic knowledge of people, but she rarely has the bedside manner to really connect.

Keziah is 5'3" tall, slender, with wavy blonde hair and intelligent green eyes. She loves fashionable clothing, shoes, and hats, and is often seen wearing a green dress (her favorite color) and whatever type of hat is fashionable. As she is a proper young lady, she wears her hemline appropriately low and her boots appropriately high. She travels with trunks of clothing and hats, and a rather unfashionable (but clearly well-loved) black leather doctor's bag. When the going gets rough, she's been known to carry a pistol in that bag. However, she's such an awful shot, that by the time she has to use that pistol, she's already in too much trouble…

Keziah is a firm believer in women's rights. She plans to lend her voice to the colonial effort to petition the King of England to grant the charter for a new college in Williamsburg. They plan to call it the College of William and Mary and it will be the second real school for higher education in the New World.

Catalyst: Given Keziah's medical training, she was asked to treat a "posessed" woman in a farming community several days ride from Williamsburg. Of course, Doctor Banks was happy to go show the ignorant and superstitous farmers that the woman in question wasn't really "posessed" but perhaps sick with some sort of disease that cause hallucinations or perhaps the falling sickness. Keziah was horrified to discover that the woman was indeed posessed by some sort of spirit, which flowed out of the woman and attacked Keziah. As the creature approached, Keziah manifested some sort of power which flashed out of her to destroy the creature, and, sadly, her patient also.

Keziah was shortly contacted by other Witch Hunters who had been tracking the creature, and introduced to the society of Witch Hunters. She left the New World to undergo the Ordeal in Italy. After her return and several months of bedrest, she felt the Call to go to Port Royal, Jamaica...

Sin: Perfectionist. Keziah is persnickety and often fusses over making sure things are just right. She's had always been somewhat obsessive/compulsive, though she's been much worse since the Ordeal. She won't talk about it.

Virtue: Industrious. Keziah is a very hard worker when she sets her mind and energies to a problem.

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