John Lucky Jack Finch

John "Lucky Jack" Finch

Player: David Haller

Origins: Mean streets of London

Religion: Anglican

Character Description:
A young man of 16 years, Jack doesn't know much about his background - his parents died when he was but a wee lad, and no one bothered to fill him in later. He spent his first ten years circulating among the poor orphanages and workhouses of London before tiring of that and setting out to make his own way on the streets of London. Clever and agile, Jack was always welcome in a gang of urchins, and life on the streets, while lacking in comforts, never lacked for excitement. Jack lived day to day until one fateful night when he and a friend, Nick, followed gentleman down a dark alley in Whitechapel - believing him drunk, they intended to lighten him of a purse. What followed was a night of terror, as the boys witnessed the man's transformation into *something*… poor Nick died gibbering and screaming, but Jack managed to escape, keeping on the move as fellow urchins told him a "gentleman" had been asking around about him.
In following weeks Jack was contacted by the Stalwarts of St. Christopher (a moment of terror there, being cornered by three haunted-looking men in the deep of night) who, for his own safety, managed to get him passage to the New World.

Catalyst/Background: (The Witness)

Sin: Dishonest
Virtue: Prudent

Quote: "Wot? Oy din't do nothin'!"

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