Heinrika Vanderdecken

Player: Paige

Origins: Middelburg, Province of Zeeland, Republic of the Seven United Netherlands

Religion: Not religious

Character Description: Heinrika Vanderdecken is the bastard daughter of Captain Hendrik van der Decken, the famed (and damned) captain of the Flying Dutchman… or at least that's what her mother had told her. She has light blue eyes, long curly brown hair, and is relatively tall and plain-featured. She's been working on various ships sailing around the world, and is tough enough to hold her own on Dutch East India Company (VOC) ships on oceanic voyages.

Catalyst: A VOC vessel Heinrika was serving on, The Torenvalk (The Kestrel) was rounding the Cape of Good Hope and trying to get through harsh weather at Table Bay (near Capetown). During the passage, a mate in the crow's nest spied another vessel heaving through the waves. The other vessel was glowing with a sickly greenish light in the storm. It came up broadside to Heinrika's ship and the crew of the Torenvalk could see that the crew of the other ship was clearly the souls of the damned, and the lettering on the bow read "The Flying Dutchman". Heinrika locked eyes with the captain, and she could see the resemblance to herself. At that point, Heinrika shot at the captain (though it seemed not to harm him) and ordered the crew of the Torenvalk to fire broadsides at the other vessel. After one volley, The Torenvalk was carried away by the storm, but Heinrika fears that her father will show up to take his own revenge… or perhaps take Heinrika to serve on his crew…

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