Haunt (Ghost)

Haunts are partial souls, much like Shades. Whereas Shades have a driving emotion that keeps them going forward, Haunts are generally tied to a person, object or place; the subject, or anyone interacting with it, become targets for the Haunt’s wrath. Most Haunts are the victims of some form of violence or tragedy, and their anger and sorrow keep them bound to this world. While Shades tend to have goals (even if those goals are fairly obsessive and limited), Haunts are beings of distilled emotion. Legends tell of Haunts driven by positive emotions, but these are rare entities, indeed, in the Grave New World.

Poltergeists—These are spirits of rage and hate. They desire nothing more than to inflict pain on their victims, and prefer that suffering to be physical in nature. They spring most often from violent men and women who were eventually slain in a similar fashion.
Lamentations—These spirits are the remnants of regret and sorrow. They usually drive their victims to despair, and ultimately to suicide (which is often how they died, as well).
Night-Terrors—The ghost of someone who died in a state of fear; many times, these are the ghosts of children who were slain by some other horror of the Grave New World.

Haunts are generally not capable of organizing in any real sense; they lack the ability to plan and interact with others. However, it is not unheard of for a single unfortunate locale to have numerous Haunts. Battle-grounds and disturbed burial grounds have both been known to produce Haunts in abundance. In addition, the activities of Haunts can often create additional Haunts, simply by virtue of repeating the tragedy that led to the original Haunt’s existence.

Suggested Locales:
Any place where a ‘bad death’ (suicide, murder, or from disease or starvation) has occurred can be the home of a Haunt. In addition, some Haunts will tie themselves to people or objects, instead of places; these spirits can be found anywhere their focus-object goes.

Creating a Haunt:

Initial Cost: 70

Fundamental Powers:
All Haunts begin with Intangibility 3
Individual strains have an additional Fundamental Power, although any Haunt may also purchase the power associated with other strains normally.
Poltergeists have Telekinetic Storm 2
Lamentations have Nightmares 2
Night-Terrors have Phantasmagoria 2
All Haunts, regardless of Strain, have the Undead (Villainous) Talent

Fundamental Prices:
Tortured Existence
Put to Rest

Additional Powers & Prices
Corpus Powers Corpus Prices
Invisibility Obvious to the Touch
Mimicry Mask Reveal Nature
Movement Powers Movement Prices
Apparition* Location Bound
Elusive Restriction
Object Manifest*
Offensive Powers Offensive Prices
Frightening Presence Avoidance
Paralyzing Gaze Frailty
Possession Prey Exclusion
Mystical Powers Mystical Prices
Chilling Wind Atmospheric Disturbance
Debilitating Aura Blocked from the World
Frightening Call Focus Bound
Impose Emotion Mystical Limitation
Maddening Aura True Name
Siren Call Ward
Haunts with the Apparition or Object Manifest Power always have fairly strict restrictions on which persons/objects they can target, and will normally only have one or the other. In general, the Power should be tied to an object or person that is directly related to the Haunt itself.
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