Florian Von Fuss Schlager

Player: CG Nobles

Origins: German (Eastern Lands)

Religion: Lutheran

Character Description: Florian stands about 5'5", has pale white skin with strait black hair and wears black lose clothes. He rarely smiles around people he doesn't know but it’s quite the contrary when he is around people he is close to (or when he is having a really good time). Florian has a nag to draw Runes all over his arms, legs, and occasionally on his face.

Catalyst/Background: Florian was raised in a pretty normal family. However when he was 8 years old, his baby sister died due to an illness. His father and mother tried to have more children but in the end, they could no longer reproduce. His father began to stay out in the woods hunting for animal pelts and meats. Meanwhile, his mom was becoming a lonely woman because of her husband no longer wanting to have anything to do with her. She healed her scars by putting out to the local men. Rumors got around about her lifestyle and Florian's father was told of what his wife had been doing. Upon finding out he angrily went into his house and grabbed his wife by the arm and snatched her into their bedroom. The couple began to argue. After a few minutes arguing, Florian heard his dad give out a yelp and his mom began to scream. Florian ran up the stairs to see what had happened. When he opened the door, he saw his father being ripped apart horizontally by his own shadow. His mom turned to him and yelled for him to run when the dark figure ripped her heart out, and with it, pulled the locket that had been given to his baby sister at birth. Florian dropped to the floor and began to scream. He started rocking back and forth and drawing something on the floor. There was a bright light and when Florian looked up, the shadow had disappeared and with it, his baby sister’s locket.

Sin: Perfectionist
Virtue: Industrious

Quote: Exnihil Nihilo Fit

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