Elrick Smyth

Elrick Smyth had born in Wales some time around 1669, the youngest son to a minor noble. Elrick never quite fit in his maternal grandmother took him under her wing and showed him what little she knew of her ancestral spirituality handed down from the druids. His Anglican based parents never knew how much Grandma Blodgett thought young Elrick. For Grandma was a member of the Stalkers of the unseen Hunt, she passed away when Elrick was 15 summers leaving his training incomplete.
With out much hope of inheriting any land or titles Elrick travels out from the family homestead with all that was his in his traveling bags and started working as a soldier for nobles and Generals. His travels took him all over the “Old” World and Africa, and he gained the reputation of a strong competent fighter who would hold the line. Things went wrong when serving in Poland in a minor land skirmish the side he was fighting on got routed. As one of the last to escape (due to his tenacity to fight to the end) there were no horses left and he was forced to run in the uncharted and dark woods of Transylvania. Living off the land for untold days he trudged through miles uncounted. Till one Night he heard a scream that shoked him to the core grabbing his trusty mace he charged forth to a scream of carnage as an elder gentleman fought off a horror from the other side of the abyss. Elrick's distracting the beast enabled the other man to gain an upper hand and slay the beast.
Elrick then carried the Gentleman to his home. The Valdis Family became Elrick’s training ground in the ways of Witch Hunters, even when they found out the truth that he followed the Heretical ways of the druids. Iscondar (the elder man Elrick saved) took Elrick in like a son, and Isabeau (the youngest daughter of the family adopted him as her Uncle EL). Elrick would travel from their house armed to take down the worst the Adversary has to throw at him.

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