Dagger Of Final Rest (Level 2)

Requirements: True Faith 1, Special (See Text)
This blade (there are actually a number of them) was forged by the Order of the Crusaders Inviolate specifically to aid their less experienced Hunters in the destruction of vampires, but it can be used against other opponents, as well. The blade is engraved with a solomonic seal; when empowered, the seal turns the color of rust.
The Dagger must be empowered by the Hunters who wish to use it (see below). Once empowered, the blade serves as a focus for Renouncing the Immortality Power. In essence, so long as the body of the creature with the power is struck by the blade within one round of being brought to 0 hits (and if the Dagger is used to strike the death-blow, that is sufficient), the one striking the blow may attempt to Renounce the Immortality Power as if they possessed the Renouncement of Solomon Talent. Furthermore, the True Faith of any who participated in empowering the Dagger may be added to the Renouncement roll.
Empowering the Dagger is no small thing, however. Anyone who wishes to be able to wield it, or to channel their Faith into the Renouncement must first donate a portion of their essence to the blade. This requires participation in a ceremony in which a few drops of the participant's blood is drained into a hollow space in the Dagger's hilt. This results in the Hunter losing one hit off their Healthy Level, permanently. (The missing hit should be filled in as if it were a wound.) The only way for the Hunter to later regain that level of Health is for the Dagger itself to be destroyed. In addition, a Hunter's Faith may only be added to the total power of the Dagger if he or she is present at the time it is used (though they may be unconscious or otherwise occupied at the time). Thus, once a cadre is given a Dagger of Final Rest, they are expected to wield it until they eventually fall. If a Hunter who has empowered the blade dies, their Faith is no longer available to the weapon. The Crusaders often launch missions to retrieve a Dagger if the cadre holding it disappears, so that it may be used again.
Note that the Renouncement power is only brought to bear against the Immortality Power; the Dagger has no affect on other Powers the creature may possess.

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