Charles "Grutte" Johnson

Player: Caleb

Origins: Ysbrechtum, Friesland

Religion: Catholic

Character Description: He was born the great great grandson of Pier Gerlofs Donia, the famous Frisan fighter known as "Grutte Pier." Like his predecessor, he is a giant—standing at seven feet three inches; he has a stout frame. He as long curly tawny and smooth face. He wears a long brown patchwork leather coat and hangs a pair of doublebarrel pistols under the arms from a shoulderbelt. He keeps two large great danes: Sven a harlequin male and Uschi; they stand 38" and 34" at withers and are 160 and 135 lbs respectively. Neither Sven nor Uschi listen to any command other than eat. His riding horse is a Clydesdale named Paladin; he stands at 18.5 hands and is roughly 1800 lbs.

Background: From adolescence on he served as a strong-arm for a Frisan privateer; when his friend was promoted to first mate, Grutte felt short-changed. Grutte knew about how the Frisan captain evaded the Dutch municipality and magistrate. When in port, Grutte contacted the local Dutch magistrate who supports the Dutch Hapsburg rulers; he was given a great price for selling out his former crew and captain. The ship and its crew were impounded; the captain and crew were incarcerated. For a while, he served on a Dutch privateer ship; then one day while drinking with his crew his great great grandfather’s ghost attacked Grutte. His crewmates witnessed Grutte being thrown around like a rag doll and beaten unmercilessly; presuming him to be cursed they left him. He sought refuge in a Catholic church; he came to believe and admired Saint Michael (the archangel) and Saint Christopher. Since, he as continued to serve on privateer ships as a moral compass. Because of the continued travel he as picked up bits and pieces of unarmed fighting styles along with mixed arms fighting styles.

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